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Collection of signatures Hope & Joy Foundation’s Candidacy to the ‘Princess of Asturias Awards of Concord 2017’

Para: Princess of Asturias Awards of Concord 2017

Hope & Joy Foundation’s Candidacy to the ‘Princess of Asturias Awards of Concord 2017’

• Hope and Joy Foundation was created in 2001 and inspired by the spiritual principles of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, it’s been characterized by its commitment with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people, the poorest among the poor.
• María Moreno, the president of Hope and Joy Foundation, volunteered in different organizations collaborating in various projects from a very young age. This fact, and the great luck of meeting Mother Teresa of Calcutta, inspires and encourages her to continue a great humanitarian work which lasts many years, starting projects even before creating the Foundation.

• Hope and Joy Foundation implements integral projects such as:
• Muthaiyar Primary and Secondary School (this school was awarded twice as the best state school in Tamil Nadu for its academic excellence, and it offers pre-primary, primary and secondary education to more than 4,800 students).
• Annal Hope & Joy Special Education Center for children with disabilities in Karattuputhur (where more than 100 children improve their quality of life, skills and education to achieve autonomy and self-sufficiency)
• Saint Joseph’s and Mother Theresa’s Home in Tiruchirapall (where they attend, feed and give education to 130 children guaranteeing a minimum living conditions for them, and it allows removing these minors from the child labor to which many of them were condemned / as for their economic and social condition), among many other projects related to this one.
• Acquisition of a hospital-dispensary boat for the Ganges Delta (India) bringing health care to 54 islands that lacked of health care and first aid due to their inaccessibility.

• The Foundation also supports and collaborates with other projects in India (such as the Asha Bhavan Center which takes care of children with disabilities, implements microcredit programs for the empowerment of women, and runs campaigns for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as leprosy or tuberculosis) and incorporates some others that was already carrying in South America to its strategy.

• In addition, it also implements projects in Spain, supporting families under risk of social exclusion.

• Hope and Joy Foundation is based on six values: Solidarity, Commitment, Excellence, Participation, Transparency and Unity.

• Since 2001 it has been able to help directly 250,000 people and several millions indirectly; bringing education, healing and feeding where it is needed the most.

• The Princess of Asturias Award of Concord is given to a person or an institution whose work has contributed in an exemplary and relevant way to the understanding and coexistence in peace between men, the fight against injustice, poverty, disease, or ignorance; the defense of freedom, or that has opened new horizons to knowledge or stood out, also in an extraordinary way, in the conservation and protection of the heritage of humanity. The candidacies must meet the requirements of "being of the maximum exemplarity, and the work or the contribution of the candidates must have recognized international importance".

• We believe that Hope and Joy Foundation deserves this award for being an organization with a great trajectory in helping the most needed and disadvantaged among the disadvantaged people, educating, healing and nurturing; building and providing social infrastructures in order to become all of this into a reality. With this, the Foundation generates new opportunities for the most disadvantaged and forgotten, allows the development of communities that need it, avoids social exclusion and improves the lives of many under need.

• This award would recognize the Foundation's work during all these years beyond its borders and it would also be able to help more people, extend their work and continue with the many projects it is carrying out.


If you want to help us and support our candidature to the Princess of Asturias Awards of Concord 2017, click on: http://fundacionesperanzayalegria.org/la-fundacion-candidata-al-premio-princesa-asturias-la-concordia-2017/ and download the model letter of support to the Foundation by clicking on (Support Fundacion Esperanza y Alegría). You just have to fill it out properly and send it to fundacion@fundacionesperanzayalegria.org

You may also support our candidature by clicking on this button below.

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