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La opinión y las razones de los firmantes de la Recogidas de Firmas: Signatures en suport a l’escrit dels músics de Pollença en quant a la possibilitat de poder fer la seva feina en locals de restauració i bars, para Ajuntament de Pollença

Marcos A.Si la música amansa a las fueras que bueno no hará con nosotros.
Helen k.Keep music live!
Lee k.I support this with passion
Richard S.It is so important to have live music, it can be managed without real bother to local people and tourists alike. if it is advertised correctly it will attract people who like live music and those that do not, are easily disturbed or look for things to complain about can then find another area that suits them better.
Dorothy L.I support Live Music in Port de Pollensa... It's why we visit for up to 5 months a year!!
Pedro T.Vull musica en viu a Pollença
John C.My wife and I have visited Porta Pollenca a few times now and the main reason is the live music in the bars and outside in the sun. Live music brings people together and creates a friendly atmosphere. Here in the UK more often than not we do not have the weather to enjoy live music outside very often. Keep the live music venues or lose trade.
John c.Please keep live music in pollensa
Dwayne W.necessitamos la musica en vivo - es un grande parte de la vida y la turista en Puerto Pollensa
Fernando .Hace mucha falta
Lynn H.We all need music in our lives. Control the volume, do NOT dispense with it all together please.
dean T.keep music live
George .Keep music live. Good luck guys
Roger .We work hard to have our holidays and sun sea beach and music is a fundamental part of it. Beach bar music is a happy way to spend time. If you don’t like it then we go somewhere else.
Susan W.Music is all part of holidays in the sun in beautiful Pollenca
Sarah A.This will spoil the holiday atmosphere and ruin a lovely resort
Troels M.Música u otras formas de entretenimiento / divertimiento forma naturalmente parte de la identidad cultural / del interés turístico de Pollensa / Puerto Pollensa, de Baleares y, generalmente de España. Eso es el caso desde "hace siempre".
Maika S.Todos los músicos tienen derecho
Ann .You are killing tourism..people's livelihoods.shooting yourselves in the foot & then complain when tourists numbers are down...we need the tourists ..we need the music...we are alive!! Not dead...change it..or tourist will never come back...you are killing mallorca with these stupid laws !!!!

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