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La opinión y las razones de los firmantes de la Recogidas de Firmas: Licencia de verano para el Entretenimiento en vivo/Música/Petition for Summer Live Music Entertainment Licences in Spain, para The President of Spain and The President of The European Union

Suzanne .Please stop this stupidity from killing an area i love.
Martin G.Por la música.... por la cultura !!!!!!!!!!!
Freda K.Spain will suffer economically without the tourist trade, especially Costas.
G.M.HoneywoodI agree with the proposal
michelle g.Viva la musica!!!!
Francis S.Para una industria de la música productivo
Dean T.Dont stop our music
Peter O.Solo la musica viva
Martin H.I hear many times from all European clients that they are NOT going to come back here because it is boring! (There is NO live music of any kind). These people are not teenagers, they are mature adults who do not want loud rock/garage music. They wish to enjoy the ambient social live music scene. There will be many bars up for sale, people out of jobs, brewery and food suppliers with down turn revenues along with NO taxes to the local authorities. The Costa Blanca etc. Is a holiday destination. It's trade mark is tourism. Without the tourists, it is nothing.
Francis G.La Musica es cultura y la cultura debe ser accesible para el pueblo. Viva la Musica en vivo !!
Peter C.Tourists want entertainment - if they don't get it in Spain, then they go to Greece, Italy, Portugal.
Rita D.musica en vivo es Espana
Ian D.We need live music! Keep it live!
andrew b.we need music in our lives ,surely not too much to ask in the 21st century.
norman l.We all need to sign this petition to try to keep music live here in spain Sun Sea and music keep the people coming here.
LYNNE H.Do not kill your own country with this madness anymore!!!!!
Jeff W.I'm behind this 100?. So should you
Martin F.People are losing their jobs, people are being denied their enjoyment. That is why I am signing. This has to be resolved. Las personas están perdiendo sus puestos de trabajo, las personas se les niega el disfrute. Es por eso que estoy firmando. Esto tiene que ser resuelto.
Sheena M.I support live music
John M.I support live music in Spain and in particular Costa Blanca

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