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La opinión y las razones de los firmantes de la Recogidas de Firmas: Licencia de verano para el Entretenimiento en vivo/Música/Petition for Summer Live Music Entertainment Licences in Spain, para The President of Spain and The President of The European Union

Laney M.Please let us have live music in La Marina, it's what we all want for the Urbanisation
Pauline g.Please allow people to enjoy their lives here in Spain xxxx
Ian D.Please amend the law
Wendy l.Faltamos mas sitios con musica vivo. En este momento nuestra zona es aburrido. Falta mas gente turisticos y no es algo entrenemiemto (entertainment)
Paddy W.SPAIN - Where people like to go to have FUN. Keep the MUSIC live or lose your visitors. Paddythepalm.
Belinda R.We need it,the tourist industry need this, our entertainers need work, and so do our bars and Restaurants
Heather F.We would like to see that people have a choice, and that La Marina offers facilities for both residents and holiday makers.
carol s.we need all year licenses not just for summer.Lively hoods also rely on winter trade also
Michael g.Keep music live in all of Spain..
Carl W.Keep it live for all our sakes
Maria W.Its so important for the tourism industry
Paul H.This is essential for tourism Spain. Don't drive people to other countries.
Andreya P.Keep it live so the tourists come back
Tina L.I work in a bar & can see first hand how this is affecting the tourist trade.. I along with alot of other workers in the industry worry about our future employment. Also as a full time resident I also like to have a good night out but where I live (Los Montesinos) is like a ghost town this year with alot of people saying they wouldn't come back as it's too boring with nothing to do at night time without travelling out of the area..
Barry L.Music is life everyone deserves to listen to live Music
AN1440799412Please keep live music
William J.Save this area from extinction
carla f.Keep live music in Spain, for the performers to live from and for the public to enjoy!. Spain needs it's tourists the tourists need entertaining.
bryn s.keep music live

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