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La opinión y las razones de los firmantes de la Recogidas de Firmas: Licencia de verano para el Entretenimiento en vivo/Música/Petition for Summer Live Music Entertainment Licences in Spain, para The President of Spain and The President of The European Union

Robert R.I support this petition because the present situation makes it very difficult for businesses to succeed and it will eventually reduce the number of tourists which will be detremental to the local economy.
Stephen h.Banning live entertainment will only result in more unemployment, less taxes for the government. Keep live entertainment in Spain.
edward m.We need live music to be allowed for reidents & tourists
Helen b.Please preserve the music industry in Spain it is very much loved and followed and has played a large part in many Brits re locating to Spain
mrs e.when we first landed in this beautiful country to live the Spanish way of life, it was absolutely wonderful. Tthere was always music (Spanish flamenco & English) and always somewhere to go to enjoy this, with our Spanish friends, but now its a hard thing to find in our local bars, and fiestas but now its only the fiestas that are enjoyed by thousands, they flock from everywhere to enjoy the live entertainment, the dancing the discos the atmosphere. But they are few and far between, please give us back what we had in 1999. stop killing our urbanisations by banning music live or otherwise at set times, let it flow till the early hours like it used to be. A lot of people condemn bullfighting but that will never be out ruled as it is a Spanish tradition, AND SO IS LIVE MUSIC FLAMENCO OR OTHERWISE, BRING IT ALL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronald H.Being a musician and a bar owner in Costa Dorada, I am finding that both my business and my ability to play 'live' music are being ruined by this draconian law.
Clare P.Being unable to play any form of amplified music is killing my business. I am also unable to provide employment for young Spanish and European musicians trying to make a living out of 'live' music.
George S.Live music all year. Start and finish times as laid down to be obeyed.
jane p.bring back live music and normal music all over spain, life is for living, lets dance, enjoy music and be happy!!
Erik V.Quisiera que dejarán a los bares tocar música y entrener a los turistas y residentes esta zona depende de los turistas
David J.Tourist revenue wanted.....or not?????
Trevor C.It is important for jobs.attracting tourists (and their money)and to entertain those of us who have made our lives in Spain. Keep live entertainment going all year round.
jessica e.Help people provide entertainment to run thier businesses.
Yvonne H.Keep music live
Scott f.Enjoy coming here but would consider not coming to torre again as you need live music in pubs/bars to help feel like you are on holiday
Mary R.When people are on holiday they need the music in the bars. Lack of music will kill the trade.
Pamela R.Musica es muy importante para las touristas en Torrevieja
Christine .Please keep live music in Spain
Theresa P.Please keep the live music and other entertainment going or else we will be living in ghost towns x
LINDA C.I think it is good to have music and entertainment in English bars as well as Spanish as it still puts money into the economy

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