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La opinión y las razones de los firmantes de la Recogidas de Firmas: Licencia de verano para el Entretenimiento en vivo/Música/Petition for Summer Live Music Entertainment Licences in Spain, para The President of Spain and The President of The European Union

Allyssa V.El crises va estar peor cuando dejamos musica y eventos en directos! Piensate mejor porfavor!
hasan u.N/a
merlyn h......que ayudaría a la economía de España para fomentar el entretenimiento gratuito para los turistas en bares y clubes. Me encanta España, especialmente de artistas y músicos locales ..... no me imagino España sin ellos. Disculpen mi terrible Spannish, por favour! :)
John W.Stop killing Spain tourist industry
Brian H.The Spanish councils are cutting their own throat , for if we foreigners start to leave Spain, La Marina will become a ghost town, they are only asking for music until a reasonable hour also.
katrin b.we need Music
Molly .We need live entertainment please
mick m.keep music live, or tourism will decline
Susan w.I love the music in spain
Frances l.Si live muscia
Jo S.For the Costa Blanca to survive we must invest in tourism. Live music will bring prosperity to communities.
Ron .Keep the music live.
David B.Tourism is the life blood of the Costas, don't block one of its most important arteries.
stuart g.Keep spain alive tourists and residents entertainment
carola d.Thought Spain was a lover of dancing and music but we do not get it here in Torrevieja
Bill W.It would be nice if the officials who made these laws, would come into the real world, Why spoil a good thing on the complaint of one or two ! Too many petty people like to get involved with other people's lives.
paula f.The spanish are thick, they dont see the big picture,but they will do when they lose their jobs.
jacqueline k.MUSIC is a universal language that brings people together..its necessary .
Graham G.Spain is one of the few countries in Europe that has such a long musical history. From traditional Flamenco, town Fiesta Marching Bands right through all musical styles and especially fine modern Jazz players. Spain has also produced some of the worlds greatest musicians. It seems only right that this tradition be maintained, especially at those times when tourists visiting Spain, are able to enjoy this rich cultural feast that occurs throughout the country.
Susan t.We need tourists without them the ecomony is lost

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